Work remotely as if you were sitting next to each other

Real-time project management with your clients and other teams.

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Collabd’s Features

Collabd is a web based application that allows you to keep all the communication data in one place, avoiding you from crawling all your mailboxes and instant messaging app to find important details when you really need them. It lets you build your team, invite your clients and consultants and then manage the projects together. The main focus is to allow your collaborators to use their current tools (Slack, Trello, Outlook, etc) to keep them focused on their speciality while you manage the project. Collabd is still in an active development process, so let’s keep in touch so you can learn more about our upcoming exiting features! Here’s some primary features:

Intuitive and User Friendly

Collabd is intuitive and doesn’t need all of your time to master. Use it on the platform that you like (Desktop, tablet or smartphone).

Intra/Extra Team Communication

Communicate with your team, consultants, freelancers and your clients in the same place.

Notification Channels

Get notified, on the platform of your choice, when other user wants to reach with you.

Meeting requests and team calendar

Never miss a deadline! Invite your client to design pitch or a colleague to an important call, them add it to your favorite calendar platform.

Live Chat

A central notification feed for every projects. Chat with you team without the need to create a specific channel every time you create a project. No history limit.

* Features and App Design are subject to change during development.